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Product Informational Downloads

Healthful Home Product Informational Downloads

Click on any of the following technical and informational documents to download a copy for your own use:

Asp/Pen Mold Test Specification Sheet
Stachybotrys Mold Test Specification Sheet
5-Minute Mold Test MSDS Sheet
Mold & Bacteria Cleaner SDS Sheet
Fog-U Mold SDS Sheet
Fog-U Mold Odor SDS Sheet
Disinfectant U.S EPA Test Report Data
Treating HVAC Ducts with Fog-U Mold Instructions
Healthful Home Product Brochure


Wow - highly recommend this product if you have concern about mold in your home... Very easy to follow the directions and results in 5 minutes. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend this to anyone.

Nicole N. July 2, 2017

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