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FOG-U® MOLD Fogger Deodorizer (Ground Ship ONLY)….CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK


FOG-U® MOLD Fogger Deodorizer (Ground Ship ONLY)….CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK

(4 customer reviews)


FOG-U® Mold Fogger Cleaner
Ships Free – Ground Only

(Currently Out Of Stock)

Convenient aerosol fogger for cleaning and deodorizing mold and bacteria. Free of noxious chemicals. Also breaks down allergy-causing particulates such as pet dander and pollens. Lock actuator to fog entire infested area.
Note: Aerosol products ship via ground service due to federal regulations and cannot be shipped by air or internationally.

Out of stock

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FOG-U® MOLD Fogger Cleaner Deodorizer

(Currently Out of Stock)

Packaged in a convenient spray can with a 360° nozzle, Fog-U® Mold is designed to use as either a spray or fogger. Uses natural enzyme action to eliminate mold & mildew odors at their source. Use Fog-U-Mold® to treat more widespread and difficult to reach areas.

  • Ground-breaking enzymatic formulation eliminates mold odor
  • Independently tested and proven
  • Months of lasting protection
  • Safe for use on most surfaces and materials
  • Safe for your family and pets
  • Restores indoor air quality
  • Neutralizes allergens
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Each can treats up to 800 cubic feet (an average 10′ x 10′ room)
  • Great for treating HVAC ductwork – Click for Procedure

Note: Due to federal shipping rules, aerosol products ship via ground service ONLY and CANNOT be exported from the United States.  

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Weight 14 oz
Dimensions 9 × 5 × 3 in


4 reviews for FOG-U® MOLD Fogger Deodorizer (Ground Ship ONLY)….CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK

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  1. Norman M. (store manager)

    Give it a little time. I have a 10×13 building in the back yard called “The Workshop” with a dandy picture window and a delightful pot belly stove where I love to go and write. Low tech/high tech.

    The bottom half is cement block with wood upwards and paneled walls. Real homey like. For the last couple of years I have been afraid to breathe in there. No mold present but a real thick mildewy sort of smell. So I have stayed away. But..I missed it. So I took a chance.

    The FogU can says it gets rid of mold ODORS…not the mold. Hmmn… So I set the thing off and went back to investigate a few days later. Still had the smell but not as strong. I was disinclined to think it worked…and this stuff ain’t cheap!

    Couple of weeks later….Well, the smell is 99% gone. I’m as amazed as tickled. So long story short…give this magic potion some time. Happy ending to my story. Hope yours is the same.

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  2. V.J.H. (store manager)

    Used this product in my crawl space as it always has a musty smell. Bought 2 cans and put them on opposite side of the area and locked the caps down and let the fog work the area. Went back in after 30 minutes to retrieve the cans and it already smelled better. Next day, odor completely gone. Going to try this in my camper to see if I can get rid of the odors I have there, stay tuned for the results.

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  3. Jenna (store manager)

    We had a terrible smell in our basement. I set one of these off, and it really took care of the issue. I didnt have high hopes, so the point that this worked so well really made me happy.

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  4. Gerry Tucker (store manager)

    Bought this for my car vents. I called Customer Service and they said it was good for that use. They instructed me to first run the fan under re-circulate setting with the A/C off while spraying the fogger around the cabin. I had a nasty, musty smell in the car but by the next day it was gone. Seems like a winner!.

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January 19, 2018

The kit was easy to use. Results wee almost immediate. The only thing better than this product (which was excellent) was the amazing customer support.

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